LifeLine Response

UI/UX, Branding & Copy

LifeLine Response is a personal safety app for iOS and Android that uses your natural reaction during an attack to trigger a response for from emergency responders.

We've worked with LifeLine Response for over 7 years helping them to craft their messaging, identity, and product. They are now the trusted safety solution for universities, businesses, and over 2.3 million people.

Their Challenge

LifeLine Response’s app has evolved over the years in sophistication and technology. The challenge was to integrate a set of new, robust features without detracting from it’s main function — to safely get someone from point A to point B.

Our Solution

We started by collecting data on how users used the existing version of the app and what screens and features caused friction.
Next we evaluated how LifeLine Response saw their brand evolving from an app for personal safety to a comprehensive system for cooperatively augmenting the safety of an entire community.
By streamlining the design, we gave priority to Safety Mode, while easing the experience around generating crime and alert reports and maps.
Newly designed notifications and incentives encourage consistent engagement — ensuring better protection and a more vigilent community.